Offering fresh California Blackworms shipped to your door! Live delivery guaranteed—they are shipped in insulated boxes with ice packs.

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Shipping prices*

1–4 pounds $30/lb, shipped to zones 1 & 2
5–10 pounds $28/lb, shipped to zones 1 & 2

For larger quantities or other zones, please contact us for a quote.

Shipping zones

* Note: Per UPS, some remote areas may incur a delivery area surcharge. Please contact us for further information.

Local Chicagoland pickup prices

Quarter pound $8
Half pound $13
One pound $20
6–10 pounds $18/lb

We have been shipping blackworms to the Chicago area for over five years, with dozens of local satisfied customers. Over time we realized the expense of shipping overnight from California to the East Coast. This often makes blackworms an expensive item for fishkeepers and breeders located further east.

Realizing this ever-increasing expense, we have expanded capacity and can now offer the same blackworms at a greatly reduced price to what is found in local shops. This is a great way for clubs, societies, or even small groups of fishkeepers to feed an affordable live food that is known for adding growth, maintaining health, and most importantly, inducing spawning.

For a limited time only, we are offering one free worm feeder with every order of two pounds or more.

Blackworm care

See here for instructions on how to care for your blackworms.

Satisfied customers

"Well guys, my Cyprichromis Utinta are breeding like wild fire. The blackworms were the only difference in their environment."
-Chad C, Ohio

"The worms came in today. Thanks, my fish will be very happy!"
-Donny X, Wisconsin

"Thanks again, and I will be buying more from you on November 7th at the GCCA swap."
-Ken B, Iowa

"Received today.
All OK.
The fish enjoyed their steak today."
-Jules B, New York

"Worked out GREAT. I put the ice pack in the freezer and will get it back to you. Thank you so much for dropping the worms off."
-John M, Illinois

"By the way belated thanks. Worm showed up in good shape!!! I will spread the news!"
-Frank M, Pennsylvania

"Worms arrived in good shape. I was very happy with transaction. Thanks."
-Dave C, Ohio


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